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Vodka is believed to have "magical powers"

For centuries vodka was used as therapeutic and curative substance. Our ancestors believed vodka strengthens the weak and tired, and a shot of vodka can return life force faster than food.

The fact is vodka, essentially being alcohol, is antiseptic, diuretic, antitoxin and sedative substance.

Regardless, though it has helped many in the past as sedative in surgeries. Medicinal tinctures for many different diseases were sold in apothecaries, and to this day diluted alcohol is widely used as disinfectant.

Vodka used externally by rubbing onto patient's body, chest, legs or upper back, and can reduce a high fever.

Many people who live past 100-year milestone, have a habit of drinking 30-50 grams of vodka or cognac every day. It helps prevent arteriosclerosis and improve blood circulation.

Sometimes a little vodka can help to relax and fall asleep easily. In the winter some people may consume alcohol to stay warm.

It is very important not to drink if you have medical conditions or use medications. NEVER drink when pregnant or nursing, before work, important day activity, or when operating heavy machinery!


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Russian Vodka is a famous alcoholic beverage of exceptional quality that is loved and enjoyed by millions of people around the World.

There are hundreds of Russian Vodka brands and recipes, and some of the best vodkas are top quality Russian Vodka — The Queen of the Liquor Kingdom.



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