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Beluga vodka


Beluga Vodka

Prepared in Russia from the finest grain alcohol and crystal clear water from Siberian springs, triple purification, it's smooth, with a unique taste. Finest quality noble vodka, export.

1 LT; 40%

Kauffman vodka


Kauffman Vodka
Vintage 2006

Kauffman Vodka from Moscow is top of the line vodka, produced in limited quantities, and is the only vodka to have vintage varieties.

1 LT; 40%


Stolichnaya vodka


Stolichnaya Vodka

Stolichnaya vodka is a "classic." Praised for "potency," and noticed "hints of charcoal" in its flavor.

700 milliliters; 40%


Stolichnaya vodka


Stolichnaya Gold Vodka

Stolichnaya Gold is made in Moscow and is one of the finest and rarest. It is exceptionally crystal-clear vodka with subtle tones of citrus and anise, medium to full-bodied, inducing flavors of powdered sugar and subtle spice, creamy-textured, rich flavored finish.

700 milliliters; 40%



Moskovskaya vodkaStolichnaya vodkaPshenichnaya vodka
Moskovskaya vodka Stolichnaya vodka Pshenichnaya vodka

Dovgan vodkaKubanskaya vodkaRodnik vodka
Dovgan vodka Kubanskaya vodka Rodnik vodka

Streletskaya vodkaPertsovka vodkaLimonnaya vodka
Streletskaya vodka Pertsovka vodka Limonnaya vodka

Gzhelka vodkaMatryoshkina vodkaZarskaya vodka
Gzhelka vodka Matryoshkina vodka Zarskaya vodka

Navigator vodkaPskovskaya vodkaRussian Standard vodka
Navigator vodka Pskovskaya vodka Russian Standard vodka

Yat vodkaSlavyanskaya Rye vodkaStaraya Sloboda vodka
Yat vodka Slavyanskaya Rye vodka Staraya Sloboda vodka


Some Russian Vodka names:

Vodka "Absolut Standart"

Vodka "Absolut Tangerine"

Vodka "Absolut Pepper"

Vodka "Anis Cristal" (Special)

Vodka "Arbat de Lux"

Vodka "Arbat Elit"

Vodka "White GOLD" (Cristal-Kaluga)

Vodka "White Gold" Premium

Vodka "Bogorodsky" Strong

Vodka "Bogorodsky" Soft

Vodka "Bogorodsky" Special

Vodka "Gjelka" (Cristal)

Vodka "Gorilka-Nemiroff" Honey and Pepper

Vodka "Gorilka-Nemiroff" Special

Vodka "Zavalinka" (Cristal)

Vodka "Zolotoe Kolzo" ("Gold Ring")

Vodka "Ivan Kalita"

Vodka "Istok" Unique

Vodka "Okno V Evropu"

Vodka "OstAlco" (Cranberry/ Berrys)

Vodka "Parlament"

Vodka "Posolskaya" ("Embasy")

Vodka "Premier"

Vodka "Hello!"

Vodka "Russkiy Razmer"

Vodka "Russian Standart Platinum"

Vodka "Ruskogovoryaschaya"

Vodka "Salute, Zlatoglavaya!" (Lemon, Nutmeg, Grain Bread, Cranberry, Honey)

Vodka "Tressure of Russia" (With Gold)

Vodka "Old Moskow"

Vodka "Stolnaya" (Lemon)

Vodka "Stolnaya" (Special)

Vodka "Tambovski Volk"

Vodka "Flagman - Night Descent"

Vodka "Flagman"

Vodka "Flagman" Highest Content

Vodka "Chikovsky" Black Currant Aroma

Vodka "Black Vodka"

Vodka "Ury Dolgoruky"

Vodlka "White Gold"

Vodka "Gold Jen Seng"

Vodka "Kauffman"

Vodka "Nemiroff Kurrant"

Vodka "Hollyday"

Vodka "Slavyansky"

Vodka "Stariy Gin"

Vodka "Black Sable"

Gorilka "Nemiroff"

Gorilka "Nemiroff" Light Infusion

Gorilka "Nemiroff" Honey and Pepper


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Russian Vodka Bottle Labels

Russian Vodka is a famous alcoholic beverage of exceptional quality that is loved and enjoyed by millions of people around the World.

There are hundreds of Russian Vodka brands and recipes, and some of the best vodkas are top quality Russian Vodka — The Queen of the Liquor Kingdom.


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