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"Drink with chasers, eat borsch, and respect babushkas!" — The Sun gives advice to British tourists who go to the World Cup in Russia
SOURCE: Russia, The World
DATE: May 14, 2018

Before the start of the World Cup, the British tabloid The Sun prepared a memo for English fans who are going to visit Russian stadiums. We collected some of the recommendations.

Russia 2018 World Cut

— Do not stand near the bar, waving a banknote as you do in your pub. Do not try to skip the line, sit down and get the service.

— We, the British, are known for the complete lack of self-control when it comes to drinking. Meanwhile, Russians are known for their love of vodka. Put them together and you get a deadly combination.

— Do not be surprised that in Russia almost nobody smiles. Do not worry — locals only seem unfriendly, because Russians do not tend to display emotions. People leave them for friends and family. In fact, Russians are very soft inside once they get to know and trust you.

— Eat something when you drink. Russians always have zakuski (chasers) for vodka — pickled vegetables, dry ham, fish and cheese.

— Do not order imported vodka at the bar — it's too expensive. It is better to order something local — "Husky", "Russian Standard" or "Beluga".

— If you drink with Russians, be ready to toast often. Drinking without a toast is impolite. A toast can be about anything that you wish to be good: health, friendship, success, fortune, etc.

— It is not necessary to drink vodka in one straight shot, you can sip it too. Remember that vodka is very strong. Do not mix beer with vodka, you'll get really drunk and may suffer the next morning.

— If you got a hangover, then borsch (beets soup) will help you get rid of it. It may not look attractive, but vitamin C will save you from a hangover.

— Be polite. If you were invited to visit a Russian house, take off your shoes. You will most likely be offered slippers.

— Respect the elderly, especially elderly ladies (babushkas). In public transport no one will ask you to get up, but if you give way to someone older than you, it will be viewed as a right thing to do.

— Do not try to compete with the locals in the amount of vodka you can drink. They have a different culture of drinking. The Russians will most likely outdrink you.



Alaska Distillery Makes Award Winning Vodka
June 2016, Los Angeles, CA

Alaska Distillery crafts small batches of flavored vodka made with purest glacier and harvested iceberg water and best natural ingredients found in Alaska.

Alaska Distillery

The Alaska Distillery flagship Permafrost vodka is a fine example of exceptional quality spirit which has received Platinum Award as the World's Best Potato Vodka - BTI in 2009.

Alaska Distillery produces variety of flavored vodkas which include some innovative and unexpected flavors like Smoked Salmon vodka, Fireweed and Hemp vodkas.

All vodka made by Alaska Distillery uses the purest water on earth, water collected from Alaska glaciers and icebergs harvested in Prince William Sound.



Vodka Russian Courage won Silver Outstanding at IWSC 2015
November 2015, London, UK

Official 2015 International Wine and Spirit Competition results:

Vodka Russian Courage

At the 2015 International Wine and Spirit Competition a Lithuania made vodka Russian Courage Vodka had won Silver Outstanding 2015 award.



Tovaritch! Premium Russian Vodka got Gold at IWSC 2014
November 2014, London, UK

Official 2014 International Wine and Spirit Competition results:

Tovaritch Vodka

At the 2014 International Wine and Spirit Competition a Russian made vodka Tovaritch! Premium Russian Vodka had won Gold Outstanding 2014 award.

Real Russian Vodka was awarded Silver 2014, and Yamskaya Russian Vodka won Silver Outstanding 2014.




Best Russian Vodka
October 16 , 2013, London, UK

Official Vodka Masters 2013 results:

Most Popular Vodka

Master: Mamont Vodka and ALIMOV vodka;
Gold: Tovaritch! Premium Russian Vodka and Legend of Kremlin vodka;
Silver: ZVER vodka.

The results are according The Spirits Business magazine organizer of The Spirits Masters.



Vodka in Russia
April 11 , 2011, Russia

Russian markets are lined with ceiling-high shelves with stockpiles of vodka, and it seems that number of new vodka brands coming every year is larger than ever.

Russian Vodka Russia

Among familiar names Stolichnaya and Russian Standard, premium Zarskaya and Zima, most popular Putinka, as well as current favorite Beluga.

Russian Vodka

The prices? To suit any occasion, taste and budget, the prices for vodka in Russia range from modest US$3-4 (1/2 liter Fortuna, Norma) to respectable US$40 and up for 1 liter Beluga.

Russian Vodka

This year in Russia many producers of alcohol will go through the licensing process aimed to cut the total number of licensed vodka producers in the country by half. Experts note that a trend towards consolidation in the alcohol market, after four or five years, is going to leave a maximum of ten companies that will control Russian market (valued at US$13 billion a year), and many brands will simply cease to exist. comment: For now Russia remains the place to be to experience vodka.


Best vodka in 2010
May 25, 2010, Moscow

International competition "Best Vodka 2010" in Moscow brought together top managers and specialists from leading manufacturers of Russian and foreign vodka brands.

As a result of professional tasting of more than 100 samples, the winners were the following brands:

Super Premium (Gold Medal):
"Crystal Clear" (Moscow Kristall)

Premium (Gold Medal):
"Altai" (P.R. Rus)
"Belaya Rus Luxe" (Minsk Kristal)
"Golden Velez Premium" (Velez)
"Minsk - Kristall" (Minsk Kristal)
"Russian Standard Original" (Russian Standard Vodka)
"Tricorne" (SLODES)
"Khortytsa Premium" (TD "Khortytsa" in Russia)
"Xan Premium" (Gekgel Wine Factory) comment: Again, the results show that some of the best vodka still comes from Russia.


Vodka in a pill
November 29, 2009, Moscow

Russian professor Evgeny Moskalev of St. Petersburg's Technological University has developed a technique that allows turning of alcohol into powder and packing it in pills. The new technique can solidify any kind of alcohol, including whisky, cognac, wine and beer.

“We have developed a technology that allowed us to turn any liquid solution into powder,” the scientist was quoted as saying by a web portal. The technology has been tested on spirit of 96% purity. comment: This is strange since we used to doing vodka shots.


Russian Standard Vodka jumps 8 spots among the top 100 premium spirits brands worldwide for 2008
March 11, 2009, Russian Standard, New York

Russian Standard Vodka sold over 2.1 million cases in 2008 Worldwide and now exporting to over 60 countries.

Ranked 44th in 2008 versus 52nd spot in 2007.

Also Ranked Among the Fastest Growing Premium Spirit Brands in the World in 2008.

Russian Standard Vodka, the number one premium vodka in Russia, today announced it has climbed 8 spots to be ranked 44th on the “Top 100 Premium Spirits Brands Worldwide” list in 2008 by IMPACT magazine, a leading source for sales data on the global alcoholic beverage industry.

Russian Standard Vodka sold a 2.1 million 9L cases in 2008 on a worldwide basis, marking a 13% climb from 2007. Additionally, for the third year in a row, Russian Standard was rated one of the “Fastest Growing Premium Spirit Brand” worldwide in 2008, demonstrating the brand’s continued expansion and success among vodka lovers worldwide.

“We surpassed the milestone of distribution to more than 50 countries in 2008, and have since added another dozen markets,” said Leonid Yangarber, CEO of Russian Standard Vodka USA. “Our continued climb among the top 100 premium brands is an important recognition of our success and reflects Russian Standard’s continued commitment to bringing Russia’s number one premium vodka to the world.”

About Russian Standard Vodka:

Russian Standard Vodka is the global leader in authentic Russian premium vodka. The Russian Standard vodka portfolio dominates the premium segment in Russia with a 60 percent market share and sales of over 2.1 million cases in 2008 in Russia and more than 60 export markets across Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Roustam Tariko, the founder of Russian Standard, introduced Russian Standard Original in 1998 as the first authentic Russian premium vodka.

Russian Standard vodkas are made with only the finest Russian ingredients, conforming to the formula for vodka established in 1894 by famed Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev for Russia’s Czars. Two years after launch, sales of Russian Standard Original surpassed all imported premium vodkas on the Russian market, leading to broad international expansion and the launch of Russian Standard Platinum in 2001, IMPERIA Vodka, the company's luxury brand, in 2004, and Russian Standard Gold in 2008.


Russian Standard claims to be Russia’s largest producer of premium vodka (products sold for more than 200 roubles per 750ml). It expects total sales in year 2009 to be up 30-50%, helped by its entry into other markets.

The company plans to enter China, and exports will account for 70 to 75% of total revenue this year, up from 60% in 2008. He also said the company will not move production from Russia and will stick to its only distillery in St. Petersburg. comment: We can only confirm that this is THE vodka. The smoothest taste, and you'll remember it as the best vodka experience ever.


Production of vodka drops two-fold
February 16, 2009, Interfax, Moscow

Production of vodka in Russia in January fell more than 50%. Above the main property of Russia looms a real threat. Government announced terrible for the heart of every Russian figures: sharply reduced production of vodka and alcoholic beverages.

Production of alcohol in January 2009 was 20.9% less than in January last year, and 52.8% lower than in December 2008. This is one of the lowest indicators of the food group of commodities - production collapsed more than a half.

However, experts urge not lose heart. According to Deputy Chairman of the Union of producers of alcoholic products these figures reflect the traditional drop of production for this time of year, as well as the trends and manifestations of the crisis.

The current global crisis deeply affects the fate of the alcohol industry. Additionally, since the new year alcohol producers have to pay to the budget of the country far more money than ever before in taxes and permits.

Population's purchasing power is falling rapidly, and people begin to save not only on food, but even on drinking. Those who previously could afford vodka for 150 rubles a bottle, move on to vodka for 100 rubles, the one who drank vodka for 100 rubles, move on illegal goods worth 50-60 rubles.

Meanwhile, as reported by the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Russia, the number of poisoning from counterfeit alcohol production reaches 42% in the overall statistics of fatal poisoning. comment: We only can hope that the crisis will pass and all Russians will have access to affordable and safe vodka.


Russian smugglers built vodka pipeline
September 17, 2008, Moscow

Eleven men have been charged with evading taxes by smuggling thousands of gallons of homemade vodka through a mile-long underwater plastic tube pipeline on the border between Russia and Estonia.

Why? In both Russia and Estonia vodka-drinking is a cultural essential, but vodka is much more expensive to buy in Estonia, with a bottle costing three times the price across the border.

According to prosecutors, the men had pumped at least 6,200 liters (1,360 gallons) of illegal spirit to Estonia using pipeline submerged in a reservoir and avoiding paying $86,500 in excise duty.

“It might sound weird and unbelievable but it is a very real criminal case,” police said. The smugglers face up to five years in prison, but their capture does not seem to have deterred others from building similar pipelines.

In 2006 there was an even longer pipe found, but the investigation found that it had not yet been used. In 2004 an underground plastic pipeline was discovered in Lithuania that had been bringing vodka more than 2 miles across the border from Belarus. comment: This example of true Russian criminal ingenuity got stopped because Russian authorities take their vodka affairs very serious.


Monopoly on vodka can be introduced in Russia
November 11, 2007, Gazeta ru

Russian Federal Accounting Chamber proposes a monopoly on the ethyl alcohol. Sources in the Court of Accounts confirmed that the agency actually put forward such a proposal.

The Court of Accounts reviewed the work of the alcohol industry in 2006 and in 2007, said the letter, and found the situation "unsatisfactory": vodka sales in retail in 2006, by 80% exceeded legally shipped by manufacturers (212 million gave against 135 million provided).

All these problems, believes the Court of Accounts, can be resolved "through the introduction of state monopoly over the turnover of ethyl alcohol." For this department proposes creation of a government corporation, which will distribute the entire amount of ethanol produced, including exports and imports. A excise duty, in the thoughts of officials, will pay only producers of alcohol.

The proposal of the Court of Accounts sent to ministries and agencies and the government requested to prepare a report to the President on this issue. comment: Once again Russia's government is trying to take vodka business under control. Even the Russian Tsar tried this before.


Half of alcohol in Russia is illegal
June 22, 2007, RF Accounting Chamber

Russian Federal Accounting Chamber reported that more than 50% of the total market of alcohol in Russia is illegal product. Because of this the government loses more than 45 billion rubles (1.7 billion US dollars) annually, reported the official press agency.

Vodka Drinking

According to the Accounting Chamber, the volume of legally sold vodka and liquors in the 2006 total of 1.17 billion liters, a decrease of 21.6% from 2005. The average amount of alcohol products sold through retail in 2006 was about 2.12 billion liters.

Analysts of the Chamber pointed out that such large quantities of illegal alcohol market can be attributed to price policies. For example, the bulk of the price of vodka are indirect taxes and charges - more than 70% of the final price. Legal proceedings contribute to the rising rates of increase in the price of spirits, which combined with low purchasing power of the majority of population leads to increase in the illegal production of alcohol. comment: Russia's "black market" is truly enormous. It was always like this, and it looks like nothing has changed.


Russians congregate over Internet, drink via USB shot glasses
February 21, 2007, Engadget com - (Via E-generator ru)

Russians utilize the power of the web to bring alcoholics and social drinkers together in inebriated harmony. Folks at e-generator ru, has devised a USB shot glass to allow lonely, alcohol-needing individuals to get their drink on while safely at home.

Vodka Drinking

While we don't consider ourselves experts in Russian culture, it's apparently not tactful to get plastered solo, and while online drinking might be stretching the rules just a bit, we're sure those vodka-loving Internet dwellers aren't complaining.

The idea is to join a group of drinkers in an online lounge, where the USB shot glass levels are shown on each person's screen; once the go-ahead is given, the folks turn up their glasses and chug it down, ideally showing an empty glass after a random smashing of keys somehow spells out congratulatory phrases.

According to the inventor, his goal is to enable anyone who failed to find drinking company, join a party arranged on the Internet. comment: Welcoming new technology and applauding creative ingenuity, we still think that it's better to drink in the company of real people.


Vodka com domain sold for $3 million
December 15, 2006, Reuters uk - UK (Reuters)

The billionaire Russian entrepreneur behind Russia's biggest vodka maker has paid $3 million (1.53 million pounds) to acquire the domain, part of a bid to expand into the US market, a broker said on Thursday.

Russian Standard Co. controls not only two-thirds of the sales of premium vodka in Russia, but also owns Russian Standard Bank, the country's largest private bank. comment: We worth more!


'People's vodka' urged for Russia
November 29, 2006, BBC News - UK

The head of Russia's union of wine and spirits producers has called on the country's lawmakers to legislate for the introduction of "people's vodka". The introduction of a cheap, but safe and regulated drink, would help poorer Russians currently unable to buy genuine vodka.

Several Russian regions have declared states of emergency recently after a spate of fake vodka poisonings (last year more than 40,000 people died after drinking such liquids), and the worst-hit areas planned to be the testing ground for "people's vodka", or better, "social vodka".

The Russian government says past attempts to impose restrictions had always failed. Instead, tougher state regulation of the quality of vodka has emerged as the policy of choice. comment: Great idea! There is a serious need for a safe and accessible alternative for an average Russian vodka drinker.


US: Russian Standard files Stoli lawsuit
October 24, 2006, Just-drinks com editorial team

Russian Standard has launched legal action in the US against “unfounded allegations” from Pernod Ricard in the ongoing row over the authenticity of Stolichnaya vodka. comment: This is not the first time that we hear about a lawsuit concerning the right to be called Russian Vodka. As far as we know, in the past these kind of lawsuits were not successful.


Donald Trump launches Trump vodka
UPI News Service, October 7, 2006

Donald Trump has launched a new vodka brand called "Trump Vodka". The first cases arrived at New York's Kennedy Airport with tuxedoed porters, a red carpet, and a velvet rope. Although trump himself doesn't drink alcohol, Trump called it "a major player in the vodka arena."

Patrick Kenny of Drinks America Holdings Limited said, "There's nobody who markets better in the luxury category than Donald Trump." A one-liter bottle will sell for about $30 according to the Daily News. comment: Our congratulations to Mr. Trump. We all can be assured that this venture is going to be success!


Russian authorities discover vodka pipeline to Latvia
Russia (AHN), October 4, 2006

Russian customs officials in Buholovo near the Latvian border have discovered a one mile long pipeline that was pumping vodka to the other side of the border.

Police officers patrolling the border said the tunnel had been laid six feet underground by still unidentified syndicates to pump homemade vodka across the border to avoid paying taxes and other government regulations on the liquor. comment: This example of true Russian criminal ingenuity got stopped because Russian authorities take their vodka affairs very serious.


Russian Standard Company unveils new $60 million distillery in St. Petersburg
Russia, October 1, 2006 (PRNewswire)

Russian Standard Company, the number one premium vodka company in Russia, today announced the launch of its new $60 million state-of-the art vodka distillery in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the same time, Russian Standard Vodka announced its plans to launch Russian Standard Original in the U.S., across Europe and in select Asian markets. comment: Our congratulations to Russian Standard! The quality of Russian vodka will undoubtedly improve, as the world markets reach.


Russian industry grows 5.6% in August 2006
Rosstat Russia, Sept. 18, 2006 (Interfax)

Russian industrial output grew 5.6% year-on-year in August... as did vodka and liquor production - 8.2%. comment: More Russian vodka!


Bootleg vodka kills hundreds in Russian city
BELGOROD, Russia (UPI), September 13, 2006

In one of the worst cases, almost 1,000 people were poisoned in just two small towns in the Belgorod region in central Russia. Critics say the government's decision earlier this year to introduce a new and expensive system of state excise stamps led to the market being flooded with potentially lethal vodka substitutes.

Fraudsters exploited in full measure the dramatic increase in the prices of alcoholic beverages by monopolists, putting relatively cheap, spirit-based mixture in active circulation. The city warned people about the danger, but some people evidently did not believe the warnings. Prosecutors were seeking to press criminal charges against the bootleggers, who were still at large. comment: Bootleg vodka problem in Russia is deeply rooted in poverty and overall difficulties and hardship of Russian life, as well as rampant corruption, degradation of drinking culture, and recklessness of majority of vodka drinking population.


Collapse of Russia alcohol market: vodka can disappear like whisky
MOSCOW, July 19, 2006 (Itar-Tass)

Patience of drinking Russians is being put to a serious test by raw measures of authorities to establish the control of alcohol production and sales. comment: Throughout history, Russian authorities had struggled over control of vodka production and sales. Current "raw measures" is just another cycle of this ongoing struggle. Average vodka drinker in Russia can care less, as long a vodka is plentiful and affordable.


Bio-battery runs on shots of vodka news service
Celeste Biever, New Orleans

An enzyme-catalysed battery has been created that could one day run cell phones and laptop computers on shots of vodka.

The key to the device is a new polymer that protects the fragile enzymes used to break down the ethanol fuel, scientists told the American Chemical Society's annual meeting in New Orleans on Monday.

Enzyme-based batteries have the potential to be cheaper than fuel cells that rely on expensive platinum or ruthenium catalysts. "It sounds great," says Bob Hockaday, founder of the company Energy Related Devices and designer of a methanol-powered battery. "Enzymes are inexpensive and catalytically very active."

Fuel cells work by converting into electricity the energy released when oxygen and hydrogen react to produce water. Pure hydrogen is an explosive gas and difficult to store, so fuel cells often use a chemical source. Ethanol is used in Minteer's cell, and the enzymes strip off the hydrogen.

Thanks to the polymer, the new bio-batteries have power densities 32 times greater than those of other groups, the team claim. Toshiba has just unveiled its first miniature fuel cell, which uses a metal catalyst and runs on methanol. Minteer says: "The main advantage of ethanol over methanol is that it is simply more readily available. We have actually run our cells off vodka and gin." Ethanol is also less toxic and, with the enzymes used in Minteer's bio-batteries, more productive. comment: Wow! Another proof that vodka still has a lot of potential in human evolution. And not only human, it turns out that laptop computers and cell phones like it too!


Russian Vodka is a famous alcoholic beverage of exceptional quality that is loved and enjoyed by millions of people around the World.

There are hundreds of Russian Vodka brands and recipes, and some of the best vodkas are top quality Russian Vodka — The Queen of the Liquor Kingdom.


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