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  1. William W. Pursell says:

    Several years ago we visited St. Petersburg, and while we were there we came across a vodka called “5 Star”. What, in your collection, is the nearest to this? It’s very common in St. Petersburg and costs almost nothing, but it was very mild, delicious, and easy to drink. I’ve never been able to get it in the United States.
    Many thanks.

    • Russian Vodka says:

      After searching far and wide for vodka called “5 Star” we’re sorry to say that it’s currently not available anywhere, not even in St. Petersburg Russia. According to some information the producer had discontinued making this vodka brand. You may want to try similar brands Stolichnaya vodka or Kubanskaya vodka.

  2. Marcy says:

    In Birobidzhan, Far East Russia, we were served vodka bottled in a bottle decorated with a string of dancing rabbis. The ornamentation was in colors of blue and black.
    Do you know the brand? Can it be purchased in the United States? Thank you.

    • Russian Vodka says:

      Looked everywhere, and found out that you may be referring to a brand of Jewish vodka.
      If you’re still talking about Russian brand this must me a pretty rare brand of vodka.

  3. JACK EFIRD says:

    I bought a bottle of Russian vodka in St. Petersburg last month.

    I just received the bottle from Stockholm security yesterday.

    The name looks like:


    The bottle shows window mirror looking at the back side of the bottle.

    I cannot find it on Google. Can you tell me anything about the vodka?

    Thank you,
    Jack Efird

    • Russian Vodka says:

      The name of this vodka is “Vodka Tsarskaya Zolotaya” translates as “Emperor’s Golden Vodka” or “Golden Vodka of Czar”. Below is some info from the makers of this vodka:
      “Vodka Imperial Gold” is an elite brand made from the water of glacial origin from lake Ladoga near Saint Petersburg. Purest grain alcohol from durum wheat is used, as well as multiple filtration through quartz sand and birch charcoal. It also passes through filters with gold threads of 24-karat gold, enriching it with gold ions. Production ends with a unique process – vodka is left to “rest” before bottling.

      P.S. We had the pleasure of having tasted this fine vodka and can attest to it’s great flavor and quality.

  4. Sara says:

    My boyfriend Aleksei was adopted, he has been trying to find vodka from his home town in Krasnodar and we cannot find it anywhere. Do you know what it is called and where we may be able to find it? If not can you recommend a good vodka for me to get him?

    Thank you
    – Sara

    • “Kubanskaya Vodka” would be a brand of vodka coming from the southern-western Russia. Also any major brand of vodka would be pretty much available and consumed: “Beluga”, “Russian Standard”, “Stolichnaya”, etc. People in rural regions would make their own types of vodka “moonshine” style, they’re called “samogon”.

      You can buy some brands, like “Russian Standard” and “Stolichnaya” in the US. “Kubanskaya” would be much more difficult to get, and for a taste of “samogon” you’d need to travel to Russia.

  5. Sid Spear says:

    Years ago I found a Russian vodka that had a greenish tint. It was “Tarkuna” not sure of the spelling. Can you get this?

    • Russian Vodka says:

      The name is “Tarkhuna”, this vodka is infused during the distilling process with an herb (tarkhuna) grown locally in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia according to a 600+ year old recipe. 80 proof, it has a soft, mellow taste of tarragon to soften the vodka punch. Limited availability. Produced in Russia. Export and/or distribution unreliable. Regional.

  6. Rondi R. Nelson says:

    I went over to Russia back in 1993 and came home with a few bottles of vodka. 20 years later that bottle is still not open. I was wondering if you could provide me with some information on this bottle? The label is all in Russian so I will attempt to describe to you the best way I can. Here it is: NWEHNYHAR (The first letter looks like a N it has 2 long like capital I’s and then a arch on the top of those I looking letters. Also, the N before the Y is backwards and also the R is backwards) Then it has Booka then a farm field picture in the middle then underneath the picture is the word POCNNIIIENPOM again the N after the C has that arch and a backwards N and another N before the P has the arch on it. Then it has on it 0,5 looks like a small r then 40%. Underneath the 0,5r has this bmectumoctb and underneath the 40% has this kpenoctb. Then on the bottom center of the label it has this-ROCT 12712-80. I hope the information I have given to you will be helpful on finding out information on this vodka like is it a good brand and approximately a value on it and where a store in Overland Park, Kansas is to get an appraise on it. Thank you for your help, Rondi R. Nelson

    • Russian Vodka says:

      You’re referring to “Pshenichnaya Vodka”, which is an original Russian vodka made completely on the base of wheat raw materials. It has a gentle taste without side nuances. The volume 0,5 liters (1/2 of a liter is equal to 16.915 fluid ounces), strength – 40 %. The other information includes the name of the producer which means “Russian Wheat Industry” and some production codes.

      It was one of few brands of vodka produced in CCCP. For a long time it was considered to be the most popular brand of vodka in Russia.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I am writing a book and the main character is a Russian oligarch. What vodka would a Russian billionaire drink?

    • Russian Vodka says:

      The top quality vodka in Russian right now is “Beluga Gold Line” one of the most luxurious vodkas in the world. It is made in limited edition, and each bottle has an individual number.

  8. Dr. W. C. Kuryla says:

    What flavors of Russian Vodka can I buy from you. Do you have a honey (slightly) flavored Vodka and or a horseradish (slightly) flavored Vodka?

  9. cindy says:

    What kind of russian vodka is rycEPHATOPCKAR?

  10. Martin says:

    I have tried a number of vodkas over the years, including Stolichnaya and have enjoyed most of them. If you were to recommend one Russian vodka that I just had to taste, what would it be?

  11. alina says:

    The full name of a vodka – bear apeaka?

    Anyone knows what is it?

  12. Caydn says:

    Hello everyone and
    I recently came upon a bottle of Tarkhuna Vodka from the passing of a family member and cant seem to find another one for sale. I know its pre cold war since its imported from the former Georgia Republic. I’m wondering if have something truly rare here or just something not talked about.
    Any info regarding this will much appreciated.

    • Russian Vodka says:

      From an online review:
      “This vodka is infused during the distilling process with an herb (tarkhuna) grown locally in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia according to a 600+ year old recipe. 80 proof, it has a soft, mellow taste of tarragon to soften the vodka punch, and one can easily imagine inhaling fresh mountain air during a late spring picnic in the Caucasus Mountains while the chilled liquid flows down the back of your tongue like an icy mountain stream. Truly a timeless pleasure from an ancient land, one that could put even the most troubled mind at ease.”

      How special or rare it is we’re not sure. Vodka is not whiskey, it is not getting better with time.

      • Caydn Mulligan says:

        Well thanks for the reply, i understand its not getting better with time just looking for some more details or more so a price. Ive been trying to find another one for sale for a long time and feel i may have one of the last unopened bottles out there.

  13. Debra says:

    I am searching for a pepper and honey vodka given as a gift. All writing on the label is Russian “ctyxa” or I translated using the Russian alphabet = styusha. Also on the label is Hactonka ropbAR (backward R) Can you recognize the vodka?

    • Russian Vodka says:

      You’re most likely talking about vodka “Stuzha Medovaya s Pertsem” which translates as “Winter Chill Honey Pepper Tincture”.


      Region of origin: Russia
      Alcohol content: 35.0%

  14. Robert Ozerov says:

    Where in the Seattle area can I buy a Russian zubrovka, a buffalo grass vodka, not Polish? Online is OK, too. Made in Russia, under $100.00.

  15. robert nichols says:

    hello, my uncle went to Russia in the early 1990’s and brought home 2 bottles of vodka,they were fairly small like a 16 oz soda size,they were in a red and white label,and if I remember right they were not screw on tops.maybe. we drank them in 2000 and it was smooth with no after taste or rough bite.i have looked everywhere for these and neither me nor my uncle can remember what it was,we do know it was all in Russian.please help

  16. bernard montaudouin says:

    Why does a bottle of Tarkhuna have imported from the Georgian Republic, USSR but then has RUSSIA printed under it? Was the Georgia Republic under Russian controle?

  17. Larry Hatfield says:

    My father use to own it. He bought a bottling plant in France and moved it to the republic of Georgia. We use to have the Russian chemists stay with us in new orleans. They had to tone down the green color…. turned oj drinks brown. Seagram’s bought it from us and didn’t really promote it well.

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