If you have a question to ask Russian Vodka Store please post it in Questions About Russian Vodka section where somebody will answer it.

For all other questions refer to Russian Vodka Forum.

For all business inquires send e-mail to Vodka Store:

With questions regarding your order please contact your merchant directly.

6 Responses to Contact

  1. B Garrington says:

    Thank you for the marvelous website.
    Where abouts are you and are we allowed to buy the full strength vodka from you.
    Best Regards ,
    Barry G.

  2. Marsha Holder says:

    I placed an order two weeks ago, please update.

    • Russian Vodka says:

      Hi Marsha,
      All orders on Russian Vodka website are handled by third party merchants. When you made an order you should have received a confirmation e-mail from the merchant.

      Please look for this e-mail and contact them with all questions regarding your order.

      You can let me know with all questions afterwards.


  3. Nino says:

    Hi good vodka, we like it, we buy it soon…

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