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8 Responses to Vodka Related Items

  1. mark baird says:

    One bottle of rare vodka please.

  2. Bob Chase says:

    I cannot find this particular very smooth Russian Vodka. Around the neck of the bottle is a label Golden King. Below on the label is a picture of a City with snow onthe ground with three sleigh’s pulled by horses. I cannot read a bit of the Russian words. Please advise. I found it once on the web a couple of Month’s ago, now I can’t find it anymore. Bob

    • Russian Vodka says:

      You’re most likely talking about one of the best among currently produced vodkas called “Vodka Tsarskaya Zolotaya” which translates as “Emperor’s Golden Vodka” or “Golden Vodka of Czar”. It is possible to find it at fine liquor outlets, but it is quite rare in the US.

  3. Bob Chase says:

    How am I suppose to find this particular vodka, ( I have the empty bottle) the label is all in Russian, can’t begin to find this brand. Where do I start to find this rare smooth vodka? Bob

  4. Donald says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am currently trying to find an outlet (whether online or brick & mortar) that sells the Smirnoff Grape with the Royal Purple label. I live in Maine, USA and the stores in my state only carry the Smirnoff White Grape which is rather dry for my tastes. Any information you can email to me would be wonderful!

    Thank you!


  5. kuldeep says:

    Hey, I’m Indian. Can I get Stolichnaya gold vodka in India? I’m living in Pune Maharashtra.

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