Vodka Stories

Consumption of vodka often leads to situations which produce some great stories. Or some great stories were inspired by consumption of vodka, indeed.

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  1. My question is not to buy vodka but rather if you had any history on Stolichnaya Vodka – in particular – their label i.e.: 4 gold medallions?

    Let me tell you what I know from a family ancestry (I am a LePlae via my mother) search a few years ago. I hope you find the story interesting. Can you add any more history?

    Charles LePlae was born in Belgium in 1903 and became a famous sculptor. His works are displayed in Paris and Belgium. His son, Luc LePlae, was the author and namesake of cartoon stories in Europe (On the web under Luc LePlae) depicting his life under Nazi occupation in WWII. The most interesting is the origin of Luc’s sculpture. Charles worked on it while WWII was going on, practically in their backyard. Luc was about 12 years old.

    Charles LePlae worked about two more years on Luc’s sculpture, and it became one of his most famous works. Several years later, Charles made a medal inspired by it.

    In 1958 his medal was chosen to be offered as a trophy at the Brussels World Fair. It was the first time that the USSR was participating to an international fair. Their vodka “STOLICHNAYA” received a first prize and won the trophy. To commemorate that event, Charles LePlae’s medal (statue of Luc) has been pictured on the label of the STOLICHNAYA bottles ever since!

    In an e-mail from Luc’s wife: Luc died in 2000 – his web site is still open ( His sister (Agne’s LePlae) lives in Belgium and is an artist. Luc moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1966. Luc had a position at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in the physics department where he taught until he retired.

    Any other info you might know?

    Thanks for reading the above. Hope you enjoyed it.

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