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  1. Vodka Glass Question: In which glass should I drink a Russian Vodka? Does it have a special name?
    Thanks for a quick answer.
    Best Regards from Patagonia (Argentina)

    • Traditionally Russians do vodka “shots” 30 to 50 grams from a small container, they call “Ryumka” or “Ryumochka”, that can be made from glass, metal, light clay, etc., some on the a little leg. A simple clear glass will work too.
      All the best!

  2. I have heard of a Russian Vodka which is bottled with a single red-hair from an animal. I have forgotten the brand as well as the animal. Though I do believe it is an elk or red deer. Could you help to fresh my memory?

  3. I just came into pocession of a bottle of Russian Tea Room Vodka bottle exclusive for Russian Tea Room New York, New York. It has no bar code on it cause it is a very old bottle never been open. Would love to get some information on the bottle year, what it might be worth.

    • No information on this one. It must be very exclusive to Russian Tea Room of NYC. We checked their current vodka list and did not find any mention of this vodka anywhere.

  4. Dear Sir,

    Question about features of a bottle.
    I usually find there is a small pit on the bottom (not in the middle of but on the side of the bottom) of the bottles for Vodka? Why? Can we only find this kind of pit on the bottom of the bottle for vodka or all Russian alcohol?

    Thanks for your attention!


    • Yes, this is correct. Just checked a few bottles of vodka we got and it’s there, a sizable “notch” on the bottom side of the bottle. We guess it results from bottle production, or for a safe bottle transportation/storage purpose. Any other explanations?

  5. I have a bottle of vodka, was told it came from Russia but I think it might be a fake there is no notch on bottom of bottle and I can’t find a picture of it anywhere. Its a 750 ml bottle with red label and a pic of a soldier on it with a yellow and black star with hammer and sickle in it, 40 % and also on bottle there is marking Emk.0.75

  6. Question: how much would original soviet time russian vodka bottles (full of soviet time vodka) would cost? I would imagine that they are really hard to find.
    Vodka produced in 1980-1985.

    • Since the shelf life of vodka is limited to possibly just a couple of years there’s virtually no market for “old” vodka. In Russia you could read about people drinking vodka from the 80s they found in the attic, but there’s no way to verify those stories.

  7. I have a 375ml bottle of Pertsovka, Stolichnaya, Pepper Vodka. I love this vodka, but I have been unable to find it in the USA for the last 20 years or so. Is it still available in Russia/Europe? Is it still exported to the USA? I would like to buy a couple cases if I could find a distributor. Thanks for your response. (No matter how hard Absolut tries, their pepper vodka is garbage.)

    • You can find pepper vodka exported from Russia in the US, just go to a quality liquor distributor online. You can find a pretty good selection of vodka from Russia in food markets in cities where there’s some sizeable immigrant population from ex-Soviet republics.

  8. I have an unopened and sealed Russian vodka commemorating the 1986 launch of the Mir Space Station. It is all written in Russian and I have no idea of what it is or where it came from. Can anyone help. JM

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