What is your attitude towards vodka, and why?

Attitudes towards vodka in Russian society vary from “I don’t care”, to “vodka is the quintessence of our soul”, to the moralizing “alcohol is poison”. But one thing is certain: vodka is the Russian national drink of choice and will not be replaced by anything else any time soon.

4 thoughts on “What is your attitude towards vodka, and why?

  1. ‘Russian people are generally unable to resist vodka..’, ‘.. and always surrender itself unconditionally to its mercies’.

    How justified is this view from your perspective?

    Writer Alexander Zinovyev once said: ‘Russia’s hard drinking is not a purely physiological phenomenon – it is, rather, psychological and social. Drinking to the Russians is something like Buddhism to the Indians or Confucianism to the Chinese. It is a kind of a national religion’.

  2. Vodka is vodka. Whisky is matured in old oak barrels. Who you trying to kid? Having said that gin is the best. Once again Russians kidding themselves on. lol – respect!!
    Scottish vodka best!

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